Microsoft Mesh is a metaverse platform that takes your virtual communication and hybrid working to a whole new level. Mesh consists of three different areas, which together form a larger whole: avatars, immersive meetings and virtual 3D-worlds.

In Mesh virtual worlds, your employees can meet each other regardless of location and interact more effectively than in Teams meetings alone!

Mesh enables a new kind of content production, presentation, interaction and shared experience of working together. In addition to meetings, the most common use cases include employee onboarding and training, virtual workspaces for managing large entities, innovation workspaces, event organization, and product development. Mesh-worlds can be expanded infinitely and they function, for example, as user interfaces for AI-based services and enable the presentation and processing of information in a completely new way.

Mesh is designed to work on PC and Meta Quest VR devices and is built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform, making it also a private and secure solution for business use.

We at Sulava work closely with Microsoft’s Mesh product group and have been a trusted Mesh partner since spring 2023. We support our customers transition to the metaverse with Mesh, so get in touch to hear more!

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Microsoft Mesh as a Service

Bring back presence into hybrid work‚Äč

In Mesh-worlds, your employees can meet and interact more intuitively than in Teams meetings.

Endless opportunities for expansion

The Mesh platform can be expanded almost indefinitely and it also includes versatile physics, spatial audio and integrations to Microsoft 365 and beyond.

Build with security in mind

Mesh is built for business use, and with it, the organization’s virtual worlds and data are securely located in its own M365 environment.

Ongoing support

Sulava offers ongoing support and maintenance for maintaining Mesh worlds!


The customized Mesh virtual worlds is priced according to the scope of the project.

With Sulava Mesh as a Service, you get a Mesh support team, monthly Evergreen and monthly maintenance for a fixed monthly price.

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